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  • Stainless steel pilot head

    Pneumatic Solenoid Pilot Operated Control Valves

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  • Stainless steel needle valve

    3000/6000/10000 Psi Stainless Steel Needle Valve - China Stainless Steel Needle Valve Manufacturer

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  • Stainless Steel Double Ferrule Elbow Fitting Elbow Fitting

    Double Ferrule Compression Tube Fittings - Compression Tube Fittings Manufacturer

  • Stainless steel ferrule five-way ball Valves

    Stainless Steel Ferrule Five-way Ball Valve - China Ball Valves Manufacturer

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We are a professional general equipment manufacturing-oriented enterprises, and R & D, design, production, sales in one production plant, mastering the key technologies in the field of hydraulics, focus on customer-specific product needs, the company's hydraulic fluid series as the leading products, with hydraulic pipe fittings, hydraulic quick couplings, stop valves and other more than five hundred specifications.