single Valves
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  • high pressure check valves stainless steel

single Valves

Due to the single valve, fluid can only travel via the water inlet and cannot flow back through the outflow medium. Single valves may also be referred to as check valves. used in pneumatic systems to stop the flow of compressed air backwards or in hydraulic systems to stop the flow of oil backwards.

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Single Valves

The single valve means that the fluid can only flow along the water inlet, but the outlet medium cannot flow back. Single valve is also called check valve or check valve. Used in hydraulic systems to prevent reverse flow of oil flow, or used in pneumatic systems to prevent reverse flow of compressed air.


The classification of Single Valves

There are two types of single valves: straight-through type and right-angle type. The straight-through single valve is installed on the pipeline with a threaded connection. There are three types of right-angle single valves: threaded connection, plate connection and flange connection. The hydraulic control single valve is also called a lock valve or a pressure maintaining valve. It is the same as a single valve and is used to prevent the reverse flow of oil. However, when the oil flow needs to flow in the opposite direction in the hydraulic circuit, the oil pressure can be controlled to open the single valve so that the oil flow can flow in both directions. The hydraulic control single valve adopts a conical spool, so the sealing performance is good. When it is required to close the oil circuit, this valve can be used as a one-way locking of the oil circuit to maintain pressure. There are two ways of oil leakage controlled by hydraulic control single valve: internal leakage type and external leakage type. The internal leakage type can be used in the oil circuit with no back pressure at the oil flow reverse outlet; otherwise, the external leakage type is required to reduce the control oil pressure.


The installation location of Single Valves

The installation position of the single valve is not limited, and it is usually installed in a horizontal pipeline, but it can also be installed in a vertical pipeline or an inclined pipeline.

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